Tips For Preparing For Your Next Move

Moving is a very stressful time no matter what it is you are doing or where you are going.  If you are simply moving across the street or across the country, you will have stressful situations before and after you move even if your movers greenboro nc are top notch.  However, moving companies such as Austin’s Moving are in a better place to help you with this process if you only follow these simple tricks.

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Pack room by room

For many people that pack they try to jump in and do it all at once.  They will have multiple people in different rooms trying to pack everything up.  When this occurs, tasks might be done quicker, however you’re not as efficient.  The main reasons you are not efficient is because you just end up with everything piled up everywhere in boxes.

Build a moving kit

There are many tools that you can use to help you pack and move.  The simplest tools are typically the best.  What you will want to have are a lot of different size boxes.  In your home you will have items that will fit best in a small box and you will have item that will fit in a large box but a medium size box will do just as well without wasting space.


Markers are great as well.  Don’t try to use labels when packing your boxes.  These labels may cone lose and fall off or they may be placed on a different side of the box that won’t be seen.  When marking your box mark them on the top and on a side. 

Organize everything from least used to most used

You don’t want to have everything scattered all over the place in your old home, your new home or on the truck.  So, to keep things organized load your home from most used items to least used items.  Then when they start to load the truck they are taking the least used items and putting them towards the front of the truck and the must-used items towards the back.

This is great when you start to unload the truck because the items in the back will be the most used and will be taken off first.